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Welcome to Andy Hung's Website, designed for everyone to enjoy and to improve your bridge!
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[News] What's Happening With Andy

15/09/2019 Update:

(1) Andy is currently in Wuhan, China, participating in the World Bridge Team Championships playing on the Australian Open Team!

For Participants, Results, and Daily Bulletins, check out the Championship website here. (Bermuda Bowl is the Open category, Venice Cup is the Women's category, and d'Orsi is the Seniors' category.)

The Australian Open Team:

29/08/2019 Update:

(1) There are still vacancies for Andy's Bridge Holidays for this year!

St Petersburg, Russia (Oct 4-13): Flyer can be found here (or visit the Bridge Holidays page)

Hunter Valley, NSW (Nov 17-22): Flyer can be found here (or visit the Bridge Holidays page)

(2) If you're ever visiting Perth and would like to join one of Andy's lessons, visit www.wabridgeclub.com.au

19/12/2018 Update: 

A lot has been happening - here are some big announcements!
1: Andy and his team won the Australian Open Team Playoff, which means he will be representing Australian on the Open Team for the 2019 Asia Pacific Championships as well as the 2019 World Championships!

2: Andy will be based in Perth starting February 2019 as he will be teaching at the West Australian Bridge Club! To find his teaching schedule, visit the WABC website here. However, he will still be continuing with his usual Bridge Holidays and you can find more info about his holidays here.

3: Andy will be a part of the Celebrity Speaker talk in the 2019 Gold Coast Congress. Check out the bulletin (the tournament website is here) to find out more information (but to give you an advanced notice, his talk will be on Monday 18th February about 12:30-1:15pm).

4: Bridge holidays update for 2019. Andy has a Noosa Bridge Holiday from May 6th-11th, and his usual St Petersburg Bridge Holiday from October 4th-13th. Click here for more information and flyers.

5: Recently Andy attended the US Falls Nationals Bridge Tournament held in Hawaii, and he got to play against this fine gentleman. Can you guess who it is?

6: Due to a busy schedule, unfortunately Andy will not be updating the Quizzes column (sorry!). Hopefully this will be brought back again in the near future!

1/6/2018 Update: 

Apologies for the delayed update on the website. Andy is heading to Goa, India, to compete in the 2018 Asia Cup, representing the Australian Open Team. If you'd like to keep up to date of the tournament result, you can visit the tournament website here: http://asiabridgecup.com/

Also, Andy has finalised the bridge holiday towards the latter half of the year. It will be in Hervey Bay - see below for details!

Hervey Bay Bridge Holiday (November 18th - 23rd, 2018)

Andy Hung invites you to a getaway Bridge Holiday in Hervey Bay at the 4½ star Oceans Resort & Spa, perfectly situated on the waterfront opposite the Urangan Beach Pier! Hervey Bay, named after an English Casanova, is one of Queensland's best natural holiday destinations, often called the jewel in Queensland’s Crown, it also has convenient access to Fraser Island; the world's largest sand island.
Its warm subtropical climate, long sandy beaches, calm blue ocean, it’s a fantastic getaway destination for relaxation combined with bridge!

Flyers will be distributed to most bridge clubs around Australia, but to see it now, click here.

18/03/2018 Update:

(1) The following Bridge Holidays have been confirmed as a goer. There are still places available, so secure your booking now while you still can!

For more information about these holidays, visit the Bridge Holidays Page!

Noosa (May 13 - 18, 2018)

Berlin/Potsdam (Germany), and Prague (Czech Republic)
(August 21 - September 1, 2018)

St. Petersburg (Russia)
(September 7 - September 16, 2018)

(2) More lessons have been organised in Brisbane - check out the calendar or the Bridge Teaching page for more details.

(3) Andy has organised two workshops in Perth at the WA Bridge Club! Check out the calendar or the Bridge Teaching page for more details.

14/12/2017 Update:

(1) Andy and Sartaj came second in the Open Team Playoffs (short of winning by 1 IMP!). The top three pairs form the 2018 Australian Open Team. The results can be found here.

(2) New bridge holidays have been planned for 2018. Check out the Bridge Holidays page for more information!

(3) More lessons have been organised for 2018. Keep a look out on the Calendar or the Bridge Teaching page (or this front page) for updates!

(4) Have a safe and a happy Christmas everyone!

1/11/2017 Update:

(1) New lessons and workshops have been added to the calendar (and the teaching page here). Be sure to check it out!

(2) Quizzes will now be updated regularly!

(3) Check out Andy's Bridge Holiday plans for 2018!

(4) Andy will be playing with Sartaj in the upcoming Australian Open Team Playoffs from Nov 11-16. If you'd like to see how he's doing, click here for the results!

(5) Andy is now a regular contributor for the ABF Newsletter, as he writes a column on how to improve your bridge conventions! Click here for the November newsletter.

31/08/2017 Update:

(1) Andy's Tweed Heads (Gold Coast) Bridge Holiday is confirmed to run. Secure your booking now while you still can!

Tweed Heads (Gold Coast) Bridge Holiday (Oct 29th - Nov 3rd, 2017)

Andy Hung invites you to a fantastic getaway Bridge Holiday at Tweed Heads, located on the NSW border 35 minutes’ drive south of Surfers Paradise. There will be four fantastic bridge workshops, aiming to improve your declarer play techniques in both NT's and Suit Contracts! Alongside the lessons, there will also be duplicate sessions with hand analysis.
Staying at the Mantra Twin Towns, the hotel offers a variety of great facilities, such as two swimming pools, steam room and spa tubs, or if you’re feeling active, have a game of tennis or have a casual game of mini golf! It is also adjacent to the Twin Towns Services Club if you feel like some entertainment. Not to mention, the fantastic warm sandy beaches that Tweed Heads has to offer!

For the bridge holiday flyer, click here.

(2) Andy is currently planning a Bridge Holiday in Europe next year (2018). Stay tuned for more details!

19/08/2017 Update:

(1) Andy's website is now fixed! You can view the past quiz problems and solutions on the Quiz page, and there will be new weekly quizzes posted on the homepage (on the right hand column)!

(2) The Tweed Heads (Gold Coast) Bridge Holiday is definitely a goer! For more information about this great holiday, take a look at the Bridge Holidays page.

18/07/2017 Update:

Andy is fixing his website, hoping to get more frequent updates and new quizzes!

04/03/2017 Update:

(1) Andy and his team won the 2017 Gold Coast Congress Open Teams Championships!!


(L to R): Michael Whibley, Liam Milne, Nye Griffiths, Daniel Braun (npc), Roger Lee, Andy Hung, and Kornel Lazar.

(2) Apologies for the lack of updates for the Weekly Quizzes. There is a seriously annoying webpage bug that I'm trying fix!

07/02/2017 Update:

Website is now finally fixed! Apologies for the wait - lots of updates coming up.

(1) Lessons and Workshops have been updated (check the Bridge Teaching page, or the calendar on the right).

(2) I can now confirm that the Noosa Bridge Holiday is definitely going. There are still plenty of spots available, so book in for a great relaxing getaway!

(3) The St. Petersburg Bridge Holiday for this year is almost a goer (the flyer says that the holiday will be confirmed as proceeding or not by 15th May - however, it is likely that we will be confirming very soon! Never been to Russia? Now's your perfect chance with this great holiday package! Note that there is an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL if you book before 20th March!

(4) The Summer Festival of Bridge in Canberra was held in January. Andy's team (consisted of Andy Hung, Liam Milne, Sartaj Hans, Sophie Ashton, Shane Harrison, and Nathan van Jole) was seeded 10th (out of 126), and with 9 wins, one draw, and two losses, they came third in the South-West Pacific Teams (their most notable result was beating the famous world class Italian Lavazza team by 41 IMPs!). They then qualified for the Quarter-Finals which they won, but unfortunately lost in the Semi-Finals against the strong American/Polish team Milner.

(5) The weekly bridge quizzes will be updated regularly! There is a bug with the Quizzes that is not allowing me to update it, I am very sorry, will be trying to get this fixed very soon.

Hopefully everyone is having a great hot Summer, and see you at the Gold Coast Congress if you're playing there - if so, best of luck!

12/01/2017 Update:

Happy New Year everyone! Andy apologises for the lack of website update - there's a slight problem with the website, and will be fixed very shortly.

16/12/2016 Update:

Andy is planning more Bridge Holidays for 2017!

Noosa Bridge Holiday (May 7 - May 12)

St. Petersburg Bridge Holiday (September 29 - October 8)

Head over to the Bridge Holidays section here for more information!

19/11/2016 Update:

Andy has now been recognised as a part of the ABF Honorary Teaching Fellow!
From the ABF website:

The ABF Teachers’ Accreditation Program (TAP) was launched in 2015 and continues to be very successful at bringing in new teachers and developing skills of both new and established teachers.

The ABF is now also looking to provide recognition and credentials to outstanding teachers who have a long and successful teaching history. These experienced teachers will be highly skilled, generally with a distinguished record in high level play, having won national titles and/or represented Australia internationally. They may also have strong coaching skills and will certainly possess the necessary interpersonal and communication skills to teach bridge at all levels.

We are offering one-off recognition to a small number of these very experienced professionals. This new program, acknowledging the contribution of “ABF Honorary Teaching Fellows” is separate from, but in addition to, the current ABF Accreditation program.

You can check it out here.

18/11/2016 Update:

Two workshops will be held at the Kings and Queens Bridge Club (Sydney), on Nov 23 and Dec 1. Check the calendar on the right, or the Bridge Teaching page for more info!

8/11/2016 Update:

Upcoming bridge workshops at Toowong Bridge Club (Brisbane), Surfers Paradise Bridge Club (Gold Coast), and North Shore Bridge Club (Sydney). Check the calendar on the right, or the Bridge Teaching page for more info!

25/10/2016 Update:

After returning from Europe, Andy flew straight to Sydney and competed in the 2016 Spring National Open Teams. After qualifying first in the Swiss, Andy and his team then went on to win their Semi-Finals match, and then pulled through the Finals to victory!


(L to R: Nye Griffiths, Andy Hung, Liam Milne, Sartaj Hans)

18/10/2016 Update:

Andy has now come back from the fantastically run Bridge Holiday in St. Petersburg. For his photo collection of the holiday, go to the "Bridge Holidays" page.


Missed out on St. Petersburg? Not to worry, he is likely to organise another one in the near future!

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