Andy's Bridge Holidays for 2019!

Andy is currently planning four (possibly five) fantastic bridge holidays in 2018. Read below for more information.

Noosa Bridge Holiday (May 6th - 11th)

Andy invites you to a relaxing Bridge Holiday at the Ivory Palms Resort in Noosaville. There will be four stimulating lessons covering the dilemmas that we ALL face on a regular basis at the bridge table! Alongside the lessons, there will be duplicate sessions and analysis of the hands played.

There will be plenty of time to enjoy the warm temperatures where you can sit back and relax by the pool, go on a nature walk, or indulge in the great restaurants Noosa has to offer. You’re free to play as little or as much bridge as you wish!

Flyers will be distributed to most bridge clubs around Australia, but to see it now, click here.

2019 St. Petersburg Bridge Holiday (October 4th - 13th)

After the great successes of this holiday in 2016, 2017 and 2018, Andy once again invites you to enjoy a Bridge Holiday in St. Petersburg, also known as "Venice of the North". Excellent and outstanding is what everyone had to say about this holiday, as St. Petersburg is a city like no other - with its history, culture, the people, the food - everything! Just take a look at the photos below (or on the right) to see how much everyone enjoyed this holiday. Actually, better yet, don't look at the photos as they are spoilers!

Flyers will be distributed to most bridge clubs around Australia, but to see it now, click here.

Note: Early bird discount given if you book by 1st March 2019!


Have a destination that you would love to visit? Pop a message to Andy and he will try to make it happen!

Past Bridge Holidays

Below are the Bridge Holidays that Andy has hosted. You can click on the links provided to take a look at the photos from those holidays!

2018 Hervey Bay

For the 2018 Hervey Bay Bridge Holiday photos, click here.

2018 St. Petersburg

For the 2018 St. Petersburg Bridge Holiday photos, click here.

2018 Berlin/Prague

For the 2018 Berlin/Potsdam/Prague Bridge Holiday photos, click here.

2018 Norfolk Island

For the 2018 Norfolk Island Bridge Holiday photos, click here.

2017 Tweed Heads Gold Coast

For the 2017 Tweed Heads Gold Coast Bridge Holiday photos, click here.

2017 St. Petersburg

For the 2017 St. Petersburg Bridge Holiday photos, click here.

2017 Noosa

For the 2017 Noosa Bridge Holiday photos, click here.

2016 St. Petersburg (Russia)

For the 2016 St. Petersburg Bridge Holiday photos, click here.

2015 Hervey Bay (Fraser Island)

View of Oceans resort
(Photo courtesy of Barbara Moni)

For the Hervey Bay/Fraser Island photos, click here.

2015 Hunter Valley


For the first week (April 20-24) photos, click here.
For the second week (April 27 - May 1) photos, click here.