Andy's Bridge Holidays for 2023!

Andy is always planning exciting bridge holidays every year. If you have any suggested destinations, feel free to let him know! Otherwise, you can read below for more information about his upcoming holidays.

Noosa Bridge Holiday (May 15th-20th, 2023)

The first week dates (May 8th-13th) have now been booked out. We are however planning to run a repeat second week on May 15th-20th, so book in while you still can! 

Andy invites you to another fantastic Bridge Holiday at the Ivory Palms Resort in Noosaville. There will be four stimulating lessons covering the dilemmas that we ALL face on a regular basis at the bridge table! Alongside the lessons, there will be duplicate sessions and analysis of the hands played.

There will be plenty of time to enjoy the warm temperatures where you can sit back and relax by the pool, go on a nature walk, or indulge in the great restaurants Noosa has to offer. You’re free to play as little or as much bridge as you wish!

Flyer can be found here.

European Bridge Holiday at Budapest and Bratislava (September 10-21, 2023)

We have an exciting getaway to two all-new destinations of Budapest (Hungary) and Bratislava (Slovakia). If you haven't had an international holiday since pre-covid, now is the perfect time to combine it with a bridge holiday! There will be plenty of tours, activities, and bridge on offer, and what better way to do it in two beautiful and historical cities in Europe.

The holiday starts in Budapest and ends in Bratislava, making it very convenient as Bratislava is only 60km from Vienna, a European hub easily accessible from anywhere in the world (you might choose to attach an extended holiday beforehand or afterwards!).

For the full brochure, click here. If you are interested in this Budapest-Bratislava bridge holiday or if you have any questions, please send an email to Andy at

Image above: The Budapest Castle


Margaret River Bridge Holiday (October 29 - November 3, 2023)

This holiday is to be confirmed, stay tuned.

Image above: The Busselton Jetty

2023-2024 Other Bridge Holidays

Andy is hoping to organise other bridge holidays this year. More information will be posted once he knows more.




Have a destination that you would love to visit? Pop a message to Andy and he will try to make it happen!

Past Bridge Holidays

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2021 Noosa

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2020 Busselton (Margaret River)

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2019 Hunter Valley

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2019 St. Petersburg

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2019 Noosa

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2018 Hervey Bay

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2018 St. Petersburg

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2018 Berlin/Prague

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2018 Noosa

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2017 Tweed Heads Gold Coast

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2017 St. Petersburg

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2017 Noosa

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2016 St. Petersburg (Russia)

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2015 Hervey Bay (Fraser Island)

View of Oceans resort
(Photo courtesy of Barbara Moni)

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2015 Hunter Valley


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